The economic advisory firm, IRSA was formed in 1977 by Irving R. Silver to assess and to analyze businesses and government institutions. It was brought online with the help of Distinctly Digital Services who handles our network and various software devlopment needs
including cooperative
Database Mining applications.

Our goal is to provide timely effective advisory and research assistance to our clients to meet or to surpass their needs.

The firm's strengths in decision support strategies, forecasting, statistical and information-gathering work achieve positive results in both the planning and marketing strategies for our clients.

Services offered may be grouped into eight major areas:

Within each of these broad areas of expertise there are a number of specific types of research such as cost-benefit analysis, econometric modeling, market research and housing market analysis. Our extensive experience in both corporate and government sectors enables us to implement efficiently the task requirements of our clients, thereby providing essential support during critical periods.

Facilities and Equipment in our offices include: An extensive, well documented library A range of relational databases Customized computational software

Professional deliverables include: Written Business Plans in part or whole What if Analysis reports and recommendations Live presentations

Our clients include:


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