What do we mean by useful?

If you have surfed the web what do you find at the majority of sites you visit?

Flashy, time-consuming pictures that load for ever? Products, prices
and the site is screaming "Buy, buy, buy!!". If all that your site will
convey is that then the site turns into what we call a hype site.

Useful sites better the business, educate the consumer, and provide
useful information to direct a customer rather than leave them at
the entrance to a labyrinth or put them on hold. Instead we provide easy ways to quickly get the information needed by the web visitors.

Here's an example application:
By obtaining and storing customer history information customers will be
able to to extract complete records of their dealings with your business including
replacement parts(if applicable), warrantees and posted problems and resolutions.

This customer history could be used instead of small easy to lose receipts. It also
would allow merchants to know how good a customer is over time from the
merchant's point of view and reward them for their patronage.

There are many more ways Distinctly Digital Service can help with cost effective solutions designed to enhance your existing business facilities.

We are software developers, system administrators, analysts and marketers with a mind set for the next Century and beyond. Let us show you how it is done!

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